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Touch-Free Moving Floors Conveyors

Recognizing the need for safer, more efficient production processing in the automatic carwashing and high-production detailing industries, SAFETVEYR entered the field by innovatively applying modular plastic flat-belt conveyor technology as a sensible replacement for conventional steel roller & chain conveyors with steel guide rails.

Responding to carwash operator complaints regarding employee and customer safety issues as well as the risk of wheel & tire damage, SAFETVEYR designed, developed and implemented a breakthrough conveyor system that virtually eliminated the risk of wheel, rim, tire and hubcap damage… while making the workplace significantly safer for employees and customers alike.

After many months of research & development, SAFETVEYR applied its technology to various modes of professional carwashing and was awarded a US Patent that recognized their proprietary innovations in design and application of a safer conveyor system.

Today, SAFETVEYR continues to design, manufacture and continuously improve touch-free moving-floor conveyor systems to serve the growing needs of the carwash and detail markets… as well as custom tailoring systems for large-vehicle processing worldwide. Our focus remains on designing and manufacturing the safest, highest quality moving-floor conveyor systems for industry and commerce, and supported by an ever-present commitment of supplying high-performance products and no-compromise customer service.